Importing Your Loan File

The Process

In the Quick Start section, click on Create New Loan and choose Import Loan File.

You can choose either to import your loan as a Fannie Mae file or retrieve an existing DO Casefile.

Option A: Importing a Fannie Mae File

Browse for exported Fannie Mae 3.2 file, consent to the disclaimer and click Import.

Option B: Retrieving an existing loan from DO

Enter the existing casefile ID, type your DO credentials, consent to the disclaimer and click Import.

What's Next?

Once your loan is imported, review and complete your 1003 on the Application Information tab for registration. If you uploaded the incorrect Fannie Mae 3.2 file or would like to upload an updated one, you can do so by clicking the Import FNM 3.2 File button. This function will overwrite all loan data. You can use this option until the loan is registered.

To learn more about getting started with your loan, please read Registering your LoanPricing Your Loan, or Creating a Pricing Comparison.

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