How Do I Add JMAC Lending as a Sponsoring Lender in DO?

To transfer your Desktop Originator (DO), you will need to add JMAC Lending, Inc. as a sponsoring lender. You must be sponsored by at least one lender to complete this request.

Go to Fannie Mae Desktop Originator website, choose Add new sponsoring lenders from the blue box and click Launch App to begin.

After logging into your DO, click on Select Additional Sponsoring Lenders, select JMAC Lending, Inc. from the index, and click Continue.

Enter the e-mail address of and click Continue.

Indicate how you were referred to JMAC Lending, Inc. 

Finally, verify the information provided and submit the request.

Fannie Mae will send your request directly to our Operations Manager. Once she receives the email notification, she will confirm immediately and Fannie Mae will send you an email confirmation. Our name will be add to your sponsored lender within 24 hours of our approval. 

For more information about the requesting DO sponsorship, read Fannie Mae's Requesting Additional Sponsorship Guide.

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