Resolving Tasks

The Process

Difference Between Buttons and Tasks

Both buttons and tasks allow you to request certain actions. We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded. Whether you are requesting for initial disclosures, submission or cancellation, both buttons and tasks are pivotal forms of communication.

Using Buttons

Buttons are only available for submission and underwriting and will populate when the loan is either Registered or Approved/Suspended.

When all your submission documents are uploaded, use the Submit to Document Check button on the E-Docs tab and confirm your submission review request.

When all your underwriting conditions are uploaded, use the Submit to Condition Review button on the Conditions tab and confirm your condition review request.

After using buttons, they will grey out and prevent you from submitting additional requests.

Resolving a Task

Tasks are available from your pipeline by clicking Tasks or from your loan by click on the Tasks tab.

Tasks are available for all requests and will populate during different loan stages. For example, the initial loan estimate task only generates after loan registration. 

Resolving a task notifies JMAC of your request. For example, clicking Resolve on the Submit: Lender Prepared Loan Estimate Request task will notify the Disclosure Desk that you would like a lender prepared loan estimate.

You should only resolve tasks and not reactivate them. Only your initial resolve will notify JMAC of your request. The task will become available for resolve once our team has reviewed your documents.  

For example, if you upload more conditions after resolving a task, reactivating the and re-resolving the task will not notify JMAC of your additional uploads. If additional condition or funding review is required, the underwriters and funders will reactivate the task and remove it from their queue. You will be able to resolve the task to request review once they have reactivated it.

IMPORTANT: We recommend uploading all your documents prior to resolving the task or clicking the button. Any conditions uploaded after the task or button is resolve may not be reviewed at the same time.

Issues with Resolving Tasks

Tasks can only be resolved during specific stages. For example, the condition review task only requests review if the loan is Approved or Suspended. Once a loan is Clear to Close, the task will not notify the underwriter since any additional documents uploaded will be reviewed by the funder.

If your approval expires in closing and your file must return to the underwriter, contact your Account Manager to request for them to move the file back to underwriting.

If you resolve a task or button by mistake, contact your Account Manager immediately. Reactivating the task does not remove your loan from our queue; they will need to manually remove it and reactivate the task.

Your Account Manager’s contact information is listed under Junior Processor in the Status and Agents tab.

What's Next?

Once you resolve a task, turn times begin. Please review our Turn Times to determine when your request will be completed.

For more information on loan status, please refer to Defining Loan StatusUnderstanding My Pipeline and Getting Started.

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