Step 2: Submitting Your Closed Loan

Getting Started

Introduction to Delegated Loans
Step 1: Pricing and Locking Your Loan
Step 2: Submitting Your Closed Loan
Step 3: Requesting Suspense Condition Review
Key Tasks: Uploading Docs, Resolving Tasks

The Process

Uploading Submission Documents

After your loan is Registered and Locked, you can begin the submission process by uploading your loan documents under the Delegated Correspondent Upload folder as Doc Type, Complete Loan Package for Purchase Review. We also require uploading a color copy of the appraisal and UCDP as Doc Type, Color Appraisal & UCDP.

To learn more about uploading, please read Uploading your Loan Docs.

Request Purchase Review and Loan Submission

When your closing package has been uploaded, you can request purchase review by resolving the task, Submit: Loan Package Ready for Purchase Review on the Tasks tab.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

To learn more about resolving tasks, please read Resolving Tasks.

What’s Next?

Submission Desk Will Review Your File

Your loan status will update from Registered to Submitted for Purchase Review. Our Submission Desk will review your loan package before underwriting. Reviews are done based on our turn times. If they encounter any issues or missing documents, our team will email the Processor.

Once all required submission documents have been reviewed and verified, your loan status will be updated to In Purchase Review. Our credit, compliance and purchase auditors will review the file and determine if any suspense conditions are required to purchase. The turn times for review is posted online and begins when the loan status is In Purchase Review.

To learn about requesting suspense review, continue to the next step, Step 3: Requesting Suspense Condition Review.

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