Step 2: Requesting Lender Prepared Loan Estimate

Getting Started

Step 1: Registering Your Loan
Step 2: Requesting Lender Prepared Loan Estimate
Step 3: Submitting Your Loan
Step 4: Requesting Underwriting Condition Review
Step 5: Requesting Closing Disclosures and Closing Docs
Step 6: Funding Your Loan
Key Tasks: Locking Your Loan

The Process

If you are preparing your own Loan Estimate, please skip to Step 3: Submitting Your Loan.

Upload Loan Estimate Documents

Now that your loan is registered, you will need to upload the signed and dated 1003, Service Provider List and Fee Worksheet under the Broker Upload folder as Doc Type TRID Loan Estimate Docs. This should be completed within one day of the application date.

To learn more, please read Uploading your Loan Docs.

Request the Loan Estimate

After the required documents are uploaded, you can request initial disclosure by resolving the task, Submit: Lender Prepared Loan Estimate Request on the Tasks tab.

Note: We are not automatically notified when these documents are uploaded.

To learn more about this process, please read Resolving Tasks.

We recommend assigning a Processor to every loan since disclosure notifications are emailed only to the Processor. If you are a Loan Officer processing your own loans, assign yourself as the Processor to receive notifications. Assign a Processor on the Status and Agents tab.

What’s Next

Resolving the task notifies our disclosure desk that you are ready to disclose the Loan Estimate.

Check the Status Certificate

You can check on the progress of your initial disclosures by generating the status certificate. , click view status certificate on the Status and Agents tab.

The status certificate summarizes important dates and displays disclosure, loan compensation, and pricing information. Under Disclosure Information, the initial Loan Estimate issued date, delivery method, and received date are provided.

Disclosure Desk Will Review and Issue Loan Estimate

Our disclosure desk will review the documentation provided. They will contact the Loan Officer and Processor regarding any errors or compliance issues. 

Once everything is verified, our disclosure desk will prepare the initial Loan Estimate with JMAC Lending, Inc. as the lender. We will disclose no later than the third day following the application date. You and your borrower will be notified based on our notification process.

After the Loan Estimate has been disclosed, you are ready to start the submission process, Step 3: Submitting Your Loan.

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