User Setup and Administration

The Process

Add New User

If you are the portal admin, you can create and manage user accounts for your company. To create an account, click on Manage Users in the Quick Start section.


In Manage Users, click on Add New and complete the user information, credentials, roles, relationships, licenses and system access tabs. Click OK to save the account information once the required fields are completed.


User Information

Complete the Loan Officer’s or Processor’s first and last name, their phone number, and their e-mail address. The green dot signifies the fields that are required.


System Access

Next, you will need to assign their login credentials and designate their status as Active.

  • Username can be anything. We recommend using their email address or “firstname.lastname”.
  • Passwords must have a minimum of 6 characters, contain a letter and number, and cannot contain consecutive or identical letters or numbers.

The default user password settings should be as follows:

  • Must change password at next login
  • Expire password every 60 days following update.

Note: If a user is inactive or no longer works for your company, remember to deactivate their account by selecting inactive to prevent them from login.


Roles & Loan Access

Assigning user roles and access level affects email notifications and loan visibility.

When assigning roles, consider the following definitions:

  • Loan Officer - a person licensed as a mortgage loan originator under state or federal SAFE Acts. NOTE: If a Loan Officer processes their own loans, the processor role should be marked as well.
  • Processor - responsible for preparing and organizing loan files for approval but that does not necessarily carry a mortgage loan originator license. A processor may not originate loans without a SAFE Act mortgage loan originator license.

If a Loan Officer processes their own loans, they should have both Loan Officer and Processor roles to assign themselves Processor to receive notifications on the loan.

When assigning access levels, consider the following definitions:

  • Corporate access means they will see all the loans in the company's pipeline. 
  • Individual access means they will only see the loans assigned to themselves. 

For example: By selecting Loan Officer and Corporate, you are giving them access to view the entire company’s loan pipeline.


Broker Relationships

If a Loan Officer always works with the same Processor, you can create a Broker Relationship, so that the Loan Officer is assigned whenever the Processor imports a loan and vice-versa.

To create the Broker Relationship, click Pick Processor and choose their name from the menu. If you do not see their name, you will need to create their account to assign them. Click None to remove a processor relationship.



For Loan Officers, they will not be able to register or lock unless their Loan Originator NMLS ID is entered.



To create a supervisor, who oversees multiple user pipelines, contact our Client Support team at to set up your company hierarchy. For example, Anne Supervisor would be able to view the pipelines of Stephanie Processor, Jane LO, and John LO, while Joe Supervisor would be able to view the pipelines of Anthony Processor, Jason LO, Judith LO, and Johnny LO.

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