eConsent Disclosure Notifications

The Process

Receiving Disclosures

Disclosures will be sent from to each borrower(s) email address with a link to the loan documents. Each borrower should have a unique email address to allow for eDisclosure and eConsent. An exception can be made for married borrowers.

All disclosure notifications are emailed only to the Processor. If you are a Loan Officer processing your own loans, assign yourself as the Processor to receive notifications. Assign a Processor on the Status and Agents tab. 

If a Loan Officer's name does not appear in the Processor list, contact your company’s portal admin or our Client Support Team to add the Processor role to their user account. 

The assigned Processor will be notified when disclosures are sent to each borrower.

They will also receive final notification, providing a link to view the sent disclosures.

Consent or Denial

ConformX is a mortgage document engine that allows borrowers to electronically receive, consent or decline disclosures. To access their disclosures, the borrower(s) must click on the Doc Link, which will ask them to confirm that they are the intended recipients.

The borrower(s) will be asked to confirm their identity by entering the last four digits of their social security number.

Next, they will confirm their understanding of their rights, disclosure process, and the implications of electronically consenting or declining.

The borrower(s) will then select I Consent or I DO NOT Consent to agree or decline to electronically receiving their disclosures.

Finally, the borrower will be able to Print or Save their disclosures.

Confirmation Notifications

The assigned Processor will be notified when each borrower consents.

If the borrower(s) declines consent, the assigned Processor will be notified and JMAC will mail all disclosures to the borrower(s) for the remainder of the loan process.

If the borrower(s) decline consent by mistake, the Loan Officer or Processor can contact their Account Manager to request for the Disclosure Team to resend electronic disclosures for consent. Their contact information is listed under Junior Processor in the Status and Agents tab of your loan.


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