eConsenting to Disclosures

The Process

All electronic disclosures except those sent through JMAC’s Disclosure Generator are sent as eConsent. To learn more about eSign through the Disclosure Generator, click here.

Borrower eConsent

eConsent disclosures will be emailed from to each borrower with a link to the loan documents. To protect the borrower’s information, we do not send any disclosure documents as email attachments.

Each borrower should have a unique email address for eConsent. An exception can be made for married borrowers. Click Doc Link to begin the process.


Each borrower confirms their identity by entering their last name, last four digits of their social security number, the subject property's zip code, then clicking Sign In.


Read the Electronic Records & Signatures Agreement, then select whether you accept or decline to electronically receive disclosures.  


Borrowers are then prompted to download or print the signed initial disclosures.


Disclosure Notifications

Disclosure notifications are emailed to the assigned Processor. You will be notified when disclosures are sent to each borrower. You will also be able to access a copy of the disclosure package.



You will also be notified when a borrower provides eConsent.


If a borrower declines consent, the assigned processor will be notified and JMAC will mail all disclosures to the borrower for the remainder of the loan process.


If a borrower declines eConsent by mistake, contact the Disclosures Desk at

What's Next?

After all borrowers eConsent, you are ready to submit the loan. Learn more about submitting here.

If a borrower does not provide eConsent by the third day after the Application Date, disclosures will be mailed to meet the TRID disclosure requirement. Even if disclosures are mailed, borrowers may electronically review disclosures for 7 calendar days.

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