Requesting Revisions or Rebuttals

The Process

Requesting a Revision

Once an appraisal is completed, you may notice an error on the appraisal report. To request a revision, click into the order, click Other Actions and select Request Revision.


Include a description of the error, where it is located and what the correction is. Click OK to email the request to the Appraisal Company.


Requesting a Rebuttal

When an appraisal is completed, you may request a reconsideration of value (i.e. rebuttal) if you disagree with the property value. First, complete the reconsideration of value form on our website. When submitting an appraisal rebuttal, please do not do the following:

  • DO NOT specify on the form a particular value. It will be removed before it is submitted for review.
  • DO NOT demand that our appraisal department change the value. We are only there to mediate between parties.

Next, open the completed appraisal order and select Attach Documents..


Select Value Reconsideration and choose Upload Document to browse for the document.


Once you have selected the file from your computer, click Finished to upload the document to the order. The document should now appear in the Document List.


Next, click Send Message to notify the JMAC Appraisal Desk.


Enter a message requesting for JMAC Appraisal Desk to review the uploaded Reconsideration of Value Form and click Send.


Next, request for a reconsideration of value by clicking Other Actions and select Request Revision.


What's Next?

Once you have requested a revision, the appraisal company will correct any clerical issue or review any reconsideration of value form. The appraisal company will cancel the revision request with a detailed explanation if they do not accept the change or rebuttal form.

If they accept the change or rebuttal form, they will upload the revised appraisal report to Mercury for review. Your appraisal order status will also change to Revised Report to indicate our JMAC Appraisal Desk is reviewing it for completion and compliance. If there are any issues, they will request an appraisal revision immediately from the appraisal company.

Once the appraisal report is validated, your appraisal order status will be updated to Completed. The underwriter will review the appraisal within 24-48 hours if submitted prior to 3pm.

The borrower will receive a notification with a link to download their appraisal report.

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