Cancelling a Loan

The Process

You can request cancellation from Loan Open to Funding Conditions. You cannot cancel a loan that has already Funded.

Request Cancellation

You can request cancellation by resolving the task, Submit: Cancellation Request on the Tasks tab. The loan will be removed from your active pipeline immediately.


If you resolve a task by mistake, contact your Account Manager immediately. Reactivating the task does not remove your loan from our queue; they will need to manually remove it and reactivate the task.

Your Account Manager’s contact information is listed under Junior Processor in the Status and Agents tab.


What’s Next

Our Underwriting Assistants will review your cancellation request and verify the reasons for cancellation. They will contact the Loan Officer and Processor regarding any issues.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for our Underwriting Assistants to mail the adverse action certificate to the borrower(s).

To learn more about this process, please read Resolving Tasks.

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